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EVERYONE'S AN ARTIST - - Yes, you've got it in you! I know it. You'll be blown away with what you can do when I show you how to think like an artist and boost your art. Very soon, you'll feel absolutely GREAT about drawing + painting.

Here are examples from some of my students who didn't realise what BRILLIANT artists they are... until they started working with me.

Stop the perfectionism. Stop the comparison. Stop thinking yours isn't as good. Stop looking for the easy way out. START trying something new. START learning new skills that you can build on over time. START working with me and trusting the success that ALL of my students have had. START in the privacy of your own sketchbook. START NOW.

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.. because time flies. You don't want your kids to grow up to seriously think they can't draw!

I'll say that again. You don't want your kids to grow up to seriously think they can't draw!

Hi. I'm Kim Garside

I'm a Canadian/ Kiwi. I grew up in Ontario Canada, and now I'm based in Hamilton, New Zealand. I'm a boy mum, trained teacher, extroverted-introvert, and entrepreneur. I've been teaching art for 25 years, and I've met many kids and adults who honestly thinking that they're not good at art. This breaks my heart because I know that EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST. It's true. If you've browsed through my All Smilez social media you'll see that my students produce AMAZING + INDIVIDUAL art. I've help my online students just the same way I teach my in-person students, young and old. I have included EVERYTHING here for you, in one website. Please watch this video, and read on if you've got children of your own, you're a teacher, or you're an adult beginner.

How can you put a price on this kind of value?

You can't really. It's priceless.

  • You'll be getting what my in-studio students pay to work with me, for a much smaller $ investment.

    You'll get a HUUUGE range of lessons (this course is always growing) on everything you need to know to get you and your family thinking, and making FUN + UNIQUE choices like proper ARTISTS.... You'll get me teaching you the same way I teach my students who come into the studio, + you can re-watch, + share in your household (1 enrolment).

  • You'll get a real personal connection when you complete the lessons and post.

    You'll be connected to the real teacher behind the screen. Growing artists is what I'm all about. I love your art pics and comments about how you're (or your child is) going at your house. Creating a relationship with students/parents is so important to me, so that you get the most out of this. You can post your art inside each lesson and even email Kim the whole time you are a student here.

  • You'll learn skills that will last a lifetime! PRICELESS

    The guidance you will receive on this course will serve you over time, to build up, come back to, revisit, reconnect with Kim, and have you knowing and BELIEVING that you are an artist.

  • Your one stop bank of art lessons, videos and inspiration.

  • Observational drawing skills + how to copy from a picture.

  • Excellent sketching + painting skills - shading, value, texture + colour skills /knowledge and when to use it.

  • Animals, Mandalas, Still Life Objects, Zentangles, Landscapes, Design ....

  • Ideas for celebrating and sharing your art

See how I get such great results.

Parent Feedback

(melts my heart)

"I really want to tell you that you are a great teacher, because even though Sophia only learns from you through video, your teaching style makes her interested in drawing. Sophia loves to draw and has been drawing herself since she was just a toddler, about 1 year old. She drew many things and almost every day until she was 5 years old. As learning at primary school, she likes to read and switched to prefer writing to drawing. She rarely draws, so I feel a bit sorry. Last year, I enrolled her some drawing courses in Auckland because I expect her to keep drawing. However, she only draws when she's in Art class. She still enjoys drawing but not as often. I was so lucky to find your AllSmilez. I showed Sophia your videos on AllSmilez and asked her if she would like to learn from you. She agreed immediately. I suggested she would draw every weekday about 30 minutes if I bought your course. And as you can see, 2 months passed she drew every weekday as promised and was really comfortable drawing. She spends 1 to 2 hours drawing. She really likes you. I didn't force her to study, she actively learns with you. Sorry for writing too much. I hope you will continue with the online courses as it has been really fantastic. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Tracy Nguyen" Auckland, NZ

What's inside:

1 Year Access | Work at Your Own Pace | Any Order | Rewatch | Family Access | New Content Added each Month

    1. The story of All Smilez - and how it came about

    2. Meet Your Teacher, Kim + a few things to take note of.

    3. Logging back into this course from the main website WWW.ALLSMILEZ.COM

    4. ✏️✏️ IMPORTANT Can we skip ahead? YES


    1. How to get the most out of this course for all ages - EVERYONE

    2. Individuality - how to talk about your art / their art

    3. Examples of what to say when your child shows you their art

    1. The importance of using a sketchbook - Your art private journal or journey of art

    2. Balloons - starting with WATER COLOUR PENCILS

    3. Easy, Quick Animals

    4. Big Eye Mouse. 👀 🐭

    5. More Easy Little Animals

    6. All Smilez students in action ✏️

    7. Warm up with circle drawing

    1. Start Drawing simple animals - a PDF to download if you wish - How to Draw an Easy Cat

    2. How to Draw an Easy Cat

    3. MESSAGE FROM TEACHER - Kim Talks About Imperfection

    4. WARM UP - The length of lines + marks

    5. ⭐ ⭐ How to EXPERIMENT in your Drawing - heaps of little cats ⭐ ⭐

    6. Have a Play - Doodle and Funk up your Art with different materials

    7. VALUE - darks and lights - how to jump up a level quickly

    1. 1 Looking at real animal eyes

    2. 2 Start drawing Animal Eyes

    3. 3 Add a face around the eyes - INTRO - watch, do, or skip and move on to the animal of your choice in next lessons

    1. Cat Face

    2. Owl Face

    3. Fox Face

    4. Giraffe

    5. Lion Face

    6. Bunny Face

    7. Drawing a Tiger Face

    8. Painting a Tiger Face

    9. How to Draw a Dog

for kids, beginner adults to feel great about drawing and painting - HUGE VALUE

  • 133 lessons
  • 21 hours of video content
  • 1 year access discount
  • NZ's best online art school for kids + families

You've just found your real Art Teacher

With my 25 years experience teaching Art, I know how to meet you where you're at, and GROW YOU. You'll get all the skills, tricks, and understanding to start thinking and feeling like an ARTIST. ✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️ Access it all for ONE YEAR -- Normally $494NZD -- EARLYBIRD PRICING ON NOW $24NZD (=$170USD) --get in now at this price while you can.

Smart Questions other arty families like you wanna know:

  • What age level is this course for?

    This course is designed for all learners: children of all ages (mainly age 6+) AND beginner adults. Generally I find that students will work to their own ability, and my hope is for all students to learn something new, TRY something new, and FEEL GOOD ABOUT making progress. No need to put an age or ability level on my lessons.

  • How long do we have access to this Big Art School?

    You can access everything for 365 days. New lessons will be added throughout the year, too! Bargain! No monthly payments to worry about either.

  • Can we show you our work and get feedback?

    Yes, of course you can. I love seeing the results that students get from the lessons I provide. You can post a photo of your art in the discussion/ comments section inside each lesson.

  • Are you a real teacher, Kim?

    Yes! I studied Visual Art at University in Canada, and then went to Teacher's College in England. I have been teaching in NZ schools since 1996. I don't like to put a "level or age limit" on my lessons. I teach the same way to all ages, and get great results. Generally I find that students will work to their own ability, and my hope is for all students to learn something new, TRY something new, and FEEL GOOD ABOUT building on skills and making progress.

  • Can more than one student per household use these lessons and post?

    Yes! I love to see family members joining in on the fun. Who ever lives in your house! My favourite is seeing mums and dads participating and hearing about the joy they had in drawing, sometimes igniting lost passions, or creating new found confidence, PLUS the great role modelling to their kids.

  • What are people saying?

    "Kim, your lessons are so good! The most therapeutic hour I spent all weekend was doing those drawings. Feels so good. Your teaching is so easy to follow, and so relatable. You make it so easy to draw great drawings. I can see why all your students love you! I'm looking forward to getting some paints out and doing the next challenge!" -Natalie Coombe, Auckland, NZ

  • How long would my child be spending on each lesson?

    On average your child will likely spend an hour on a lesson. Some are quicker and some require more effort, pausing, or going back, but it's totally up to the individual. Most mums tell me that they spend longer per lesson than their kids too. (cus you know adults are harder on themselves and tend to be more perfectionist)

  • Will this course grow? New lessons coming?

    Yes, over the year you will see new lessons appear and they will be highlighted for you so you'll know when they are live.

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In Hamilton, NZ I hang my students' art in two local cafes. What a boost to confidence!  

I'll show you how to to make great art and how to display for gifts and home.